Rockaway Beach

The past couple of weekends here in NYC have been beautiful, so two of my roommates and I decided to make little day trips to Rockaway Beach! It’s easily accessible via public transportation – either on the subway or the new ferry. Both options would only cost you $2.75 each direction. $5ish for a beach day? Yes, please! (P.S. the beach is FREE!)


We chose to take the ferry and OMG the first time we went, the line was so long. We couldn’t believe how many people were waiting for the 9:30am ferry. Clearly the crew realized it was super crowded, so they brought over a SeaStreak ferry to run a special 10am trip. (Lesson learned though…the second weekend we went, we got there 20 minutes early for the 8:30am ferry and had no issues at all).

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We got on fairly quickly and made our way up to the top level – figured we’d take advantage of the sun before we even got to the beach! The hour-long ride went by quickly and before we knew it, we were arriving at the 108th Street dock. A short walk away was a gigantic Rite-Aid that was definitely tailored to the beach crowd. We bought cheap $10 beach chairs and then headed down to 111th Street – aka one of the surfing sections of the beach.

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Choosing to set up on the surfer’s beach was a brilliant choice on our part. We scored a great spot on a fairly empty section of the beach. Granted, we weren’t allowed to swim directly in front of us (and yes, the patrol guys were serious about everyone following the rules), but a short walk to our right was a section we were allowed to swim in. Win!

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After several hours of relaxing (and sipping on some v. expertly concealed margaritas), we headed home. It was pretty crowded heading back too, but it didn’t seem to take very long to get home. Taking the ferry is so fun! I’d 100% recommend heading to Rockaway Beach and we definitely plan on going a few more times before the end of the summer.

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Summer is almost over, but there’s still a few weekends left! Do you have any day trips planned? Share below!

14 thoughts on “Rockaway Beach

  1. It is quite different living in the Okanagan, there are dozens of beaches within a half hour drive from my house. They can be very busy so I drive two hours to another lake where we have a leased spot in a campground and often there are just a few of us at the beach. Nothing better than a day at the beach. I actually am there now!


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