New Year’s Resolutions Check-In

Somehow it’s already the middle of July (seriously, where has the time gone) and I realized I should probably check in on how I’ve been doing with the resolutions I set for myself back in January!

∇ Grow my blog

This is still a work in progress…but in the past couple of months I’ve been approached by two really cool organizations to work on some small projects for them, so I’m excited to see where I’ll be with this goal by the end of the year!

∇ Travel to another country

Unfortunately, this one won’t be happening this year (however it may be a possibility in Spring 2018! I’ll keep you posted)…but I do have a very exciting trip to California coming up over Labor Day Weekend.

I’ll be going to San Francisco for 2 days (to visit my cousin, Isabelle) and then Los Angeles for 3 days (meeting up with my roommate Kristen, who will be out there that weekend too)! I have so many fun activities planned and will definitely share my experiences, pictures, and lots of helpful information with you all in the month or two after I get back.

∇ Read more books

My goal was to read at least 50 books in 2017 – and so far I’ve only read 14 books. I’m a little behind, but I’m hoping a few good days of reading on the beach can get me right back on track. 😉 You can follow my progress on GoodReads. And again, I always love hearing book suggestions – please leave a comment below!

∇ Take vitamins

Still not the best at remembering, but I have been taking Magnesium pretty often! It definitely helps with my sore muscles these days.

∇ Pay off student loans

I am officially DONE paying off my loans left over from college!!! Buuuuut I will be paying off my law school loans this will always be on my list of resolutions.

∇ Get back in shape!!

Over the last couple of months, I’ve finally gotten back into a good routine of eating better and working out 5-6 times a week. I still have slip-ups here and there, but I can definitely tell I’m making progress towards my goals.

Kristen and I are currently on Week 6 of the Bikini Body Guide! We’ve been waking up and hitting the gym at 5:30am every day and I’m so proud of us!! Halfway through the 12 week guide and feeling so much stronger already.

∇ Drink less alcohol

I’ve been pretty good about this. I usually only have a glass (or two) of wine while watching The Bachelorette with my roommates on Monday nights…and then occasionally on a weekend night, but that doesn’t happen very often.

∇ Spend time with family

Once I moved back to NYC in April, I somehow ended up having events to go home for every single weekend up until the first weekend in JULY. It was pretty crazy between graduations, Father’s Day, holidays, going to the beach, etc….but I’ve finally spent a couple weekends here in my apartment now and it’s been nice to relax a bit! 😀

∇ Figure out my path

I’m finally feel like I’m on the right track with this one! At the end of March, I got a job at a really amazing company and honestly, the days have just flown by…in the best way. Again, how is it the middle of July? I’ve had jobs in the past where I felt like every day was the longest day ever, but I’ve rarely felt that in this new position (of course exceptions for a few slow summer days when most people on my team are out on vacations haha). I’m truly excited for my potential to grow within this company and to see where this job takes me in the future.

∇ Save money

Ugh. This is always a struggle, but I’m trying my best to save a little each month after paying rent, bills, etc. It’s hard!

How are you doing with the goals or resolutions you set for yourself this year? There are still 5 months left in the year…get out there and make it happen!

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