AT hike + Grad in VT

Last month, my younger brother (Logan) graduated from Green Mountain College! 😀


My whole family drove up to Vermont and we were all SO excited to celebrate his accomplishment. Logan graduated with a degree in Adventure Recreation aka he gets to do really cool activities like white water rafting/mountain biking/snowboarding/etc. and get paid for it. K. COOL, I think I picked the wrong career path?!


After the ceremony, pictures, and then lunch in town, my dad and I went for a super quick hike up Deer Leap Trail near Killington. I probably would’ve rather taken a nap LOL…but I had no idea if/when I’d be back in Vermont and I wanted to make sure I could check off another state on the AT 14 State Challenge!!


Halfway through the hike, we briefly intersected the Appalachian Trail – you can tell by the white blazes found along the entire AT.


The hike up to the top only took 32 minutes (I timed it on my Fitbit!) and it was a pretty steep climb – but the view was INCREDIBLE.



Views of Vermont for M I L E S.

My dad and I also hiked the AT in CT over Memorial Day Weekend, so keep an eye out for that recap coming soon!


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