Lately On Instagram 

I’ve been trying to post more pictures on Instagram lately – if you’re not following me or missed a few pictures, here are a bunch that I posted recently!

I love the Chrysler Building. One of my favorites in NYC!

Saw this ivy-covered building on my way to the gym! So insane.

This is where The Skinny Confidential hosted her NYC meetup last week. It was so fun! I’m really happy that I got the chance to meet Lauryn and her husband, Michael. They are both SO nice. 🙂

Inside of Oficina 1M at the TSC meetup.

View from a conference room at work. Hi, Central Park!

Rows and rows of pretty flowers in Central Park.

Blooming trees near my Mom’s house in New Jersey.

Obsessed with this door. Love the little statues.

Another (distant) view of the Chrysler seen on my walk over to the gym in the morning!

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