How To: Set “SMART” Goals


First of all…happy first day of SPRING! Warm weather is right around the corner and after last week’s mini-blizzard, I’m more than ready to leave winter behind.

Of course, warmer weather means wearing less layers/clothes and showing more skin. We obviously haven’t hit bikini season YET, but we are quickly approaching it.. There is one more season to kick ass in your workouts and create healthy habits so that you enter summer feeling your best.

If you made goals (especially fitness/health related) at the beginning of the year.. today, the official first day of spring, is the perfect day to reassess those goals. How are you doing with them? What’s been working well for you and what isn’t working so great? 

If you didn’t set goals, well now is a great time to do it! Never too late for a fresh start. 

I feel like we all learned at some point in school that there was a way you should phrase your goals. Remember the acronym “S.M.A.R.T.”? Well, if you don’t, here is a quick breakdown to refresh your memory!



∇ When you set a specific goal, you have a much greater chance of actually accomplishing it vs. a general/vague goal.
∇ Ask yourself the five “W” questions (who, what, where, when, why) to help bring out the specifics of what you want to achieve.


∇ Establish criteria for measuring progress – this will help you stay on track.
∇ Set milestones or mini-goals to accomplish along the way.
∇ Ask questions like “how much” or “how many” to narrow it down. 


∇ Focus on how important a goal is to you and what you can do to make it attainable.
∇ This may require new skills, changing attitudes, or pushing yourself outside your comfort zone.
∇ Remember: a goal is meant to inspire motivation, not discourage it. Challenge yourself, but don’t make it impossible. 


∇ A goal should represent an objective toward which you are both willing and able to work.
∇ Your goal can be both high and realistic – it’s up to you to decide how high your goal should be.
∇ A high goal is usually easier to reach than a low one, because the low goal doesn’t require much motivational force from you to achieve it. So don’t set the bar too low for yourself.


∇ A goal should have a time frame, or else there is no sense of urgency. You want to be pushed to start working towards it immediately.
∇ Make it a realistic timeline – be honest with yourself about how long you think it will take and don’t rush through, half-assed, just to get it “done.”
∇ Set dates for those mini-goals to make sure you’re on track to reach the ultimate goal!

Have you set SMART goals before? What is one goal you plan on working towards this Spring? Comment below!

One thought on “How To: Set “SMART” Goals

  1. I’m stepping into spring with these goals: 1) downsize, clear out, re-purpose and donate clothing, shoes, household items. Getting a jump start on the process this week while on spring break from school; 2) lose 20 lbs through the Fast Metabolism Diet.. I read the book, it makes sense, seems sensible and attainable, and very manageable. Starting on Monday, March 27th; 3) walk three mornings a week. I think all three goals are doable.

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