2017 Resolutions

It’s that time of year when we all sit down and make a list of things we want to achieve in the new year. I’m usually guilty of forgetting about the resolutions I’ve made or giving up on them a few months into the year. This time, I wanted to create a list of 10 attainable goals and actually hold myself to them (since, hey, I’m posting it here on the blog!). I’ll be checking in with myself and how I’ve done halfway through the year.

∇ Grow my blog

I really want to grow my readership and number of followers on other associated social media channels too (like instagram and snapchat). This will likely be my most challenging resolution, but I’m very excited and willing to put the work in to make this happen.

∇ Travel to another country

Going to Iceland last October was SO much fun and such a great experience. Hopefully, I can get my shit together and plan another trip this coming year.

∇ Read more books

My goal is to read at least 50 books in 2017! You can follow my reading challenge progress on GoodReads. I also welcome any book suggestions – leave a comment below!

∇ Take vitamins

This is something I always say that I’m going to do, but then the bottles just sit on my counter. Last time I got my blood tested, my doctor said that I “didn’t have to, but if I wanted to” I could take Vitamins B + D. So those are the 2 I’m going to start with!

∇ Pay off student loans

UGH! I’ll be paying off my law school loans until I die..so I’ll work on chipping away at the debt this year.

∇ Get back in shape!!

This is another typical New Year’s Resolution…But this is probably the one that I am SO determined to achieve. After a really tough couple of years (emotionally and mentally), I’ve put on weight that I would be more than happy to finally get rid of. I’ve already started a 12-week workout program (I’m currently on week 4!!) and I will keep you updated with my progress.

∇ Drink less alcohol

This goes along with my goal of getting back in shape/losing weight. It’s really nice to have a glass of wine or two every now and then, but more than that isn’t going to be beneficial in the end.

∇ Spend time with family

Right now, I’m in West Virginia with my aunt, uncle and cousin, so I’m already working on this one! Haha 🙂 But really..for 7 years, I lived up in Vermont and Massachusetts, which meant I only came home for holidays. Living in NYC now means I’m only a quick ride away from my mom, dad and sister (sorry Logan, you’re still in VT for college!), so I need to plan more frequent visits home.

∇ Figure out my path

This is more open-ended, but specifically, I’ve been feeling a bit lost with my career path lately. So I’m hoping that during this next year, I’ll figure out what it is that I enjoy most and how to incorporate that into a job that I love, how I want to spend my free time…and where I want to be when my apartment lease ends next February!!

∇ Save money

It’s on everyone’s list each year right? LOL. We’ll see how this one goes.

So there are my 10 resolutions for 2017. What are some of yours?

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