WV + Life Update

Hi everyone! So the big news of the month is that I’ve temporarily relocated down to…West Virginia! I know, I know…sounds really random, right?! Well, the reason for this move is that I’ve decided to take the New York Bar Exam again and I needed to get away to a place with minimal distractions. I’ve taken the exam before and been very close to passing…so even though I’m still unsure of what I plan to do in the future, this is just something I feel like I need to check off my “Life To-Do List.”

I am SO very thankful that I have such an amazing extended family – my mom’s sister and her family are letting me stay in their extra bedroom for a few months, while I study for the exam. There isn’t all that much to do in this very small town, which is PERFECT for me to be able to focus on studying and really relax from how overwhelming living in NYC can be sometimes. (There is actually a little cafe in town that has vegan food, so I’ll be checking that out soon and will be posting about it!)

My dad and I left bright and early for our drive down on Saturday morning (6.5 hours flies by when you’re listening to Harry Potter #1 on AudioBook!) and then I spent the rest of the day unpacking.


On Sunday, Stephanie (cousin) and Spencer (family friend) took me for a drive around the nearby towns. First, we stopped and went for a little walk at Beartown State Park.




Then we drove past a pretty lake – where I was told that they do a Polar Bear Plunge in the winter.


We also drove past some of the places where WV had been so terribly affected by the flood back in June of this year. It was crazy to have seen pictures of what it looked like immediately after and then to see the places in person now – so much has been done to fix the damage, but there is still a long way to go in many parts.

On a more positive note…my aunt works as a physical therapist in this building that has a gym attached to it and she got me a free month membership to CrossFit at this gym. I tried it out on Monday morning for the first time ever and I’m sure it was hilarious to watch me struggle through that workout! I’m sore as all hell, but I went back this morning for another round of torture. 😀 Thank you, CrossFit Esprit for kicking my butt once again!


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