A Visit to Charleston, South Carolina

Hi everyone!  I’m Kristina – Kate’s best friend and fellow traveler!  I’ve never blogged before, but I’ve always wanted to try so THANK YOU Kate for letting me steal the show for a post 🙂  Kate and I were in the same section in our first year of law school and almost immediately became friends!  We both share a love for exploring and travel and are constantly laughing and having fun when we’re together.  

A little about me – I live in Boston, MA (you may have seen Kate’s posts from some visits) in the Beacon Hill area.  I’m originally from New Hampshire where I grew up traveling around the surrounding states with my family.  I absolutely love being from New England, and some of my favorite places for frequent visits are around New Hampshire and Maine.  That being said, I caught the travel bug during my junior year of college when I studied abroad in Wollongong, New South Wales in Australia.  During my time there, I also visited New Zealand which was one of the most incredible places I have ever been.  The adventures I got to go on while studying abroad truly made me want to see as much of the world as I can, something Kate and I share and are working on accomplishing! (20 days until we go to Iceland!)

img_0020Okay, I know this picture isn’t Charleston but I have to get in a LITTLE bragging about my city.  How beautiful is Boston!!

Okay, sorry for the tangent – back to what this post is actually supposed to be about (Can you tell I talk a lot? Whoops!).  Last weekend, I visited another best friend, Kristin, down in Charleston, South Carolina.  I have also been interested in visiting South Carolina, and when she moved there a few months ago I almost immediately booked a flight!  Charleston was absolutely beautiful, and let me tell you, the people are SO NICE.  I think going from Boston to a city in the South where they truly have southern hospitality is a little shocking, but it is definitely something I could get used to!

Day One (Saturday):

On Saturday morning, we had a slow wake up.  My sister and I got in from Boston late Friday night and stayed up a liiiittttle too long talking, so some extra sleep and a big cup of coffee was VERY necessary.  After we got all ready to go, we were off to Middleton Plantation which was right on the edge of Charleston along the Ashley River.  



Let me tell you, this place was BEAUTIFUL.  We were absolutely in awe walking around the gardens.  Everything there was green, lush, and perfectly groomed.  We spent the day walking around the grounds and reading all the blurbs about the history of the plantation.  This particular plantation grew rice and had gardens and stable yards, all of which have been restored.  


This guy cracked us up – every other animal was lazy and passed out and she was just posted up at the top of this log!


Middleton has restored many of the artisan buildings that are along the stableyard.  This picture is the cooper and carpenter’s workshop where we saw how the barrels that were used to ship the plantation’s rice were made.  Even cooler was the fact that the man working there was an ACTUAL working cooper and he was in the middle of making barrels!
The Main House where generations of the Middleton family lived.  This house is only one of the original three buildings that made up the residential complex – the others were burned down by Union troops in February, 1865, just two months before the end of the Civil War.
Middleton was in the middle of setting up for a wedding.  Seriously #VENUEGOALS 

For lunch, we went to the restaurant right at Middleton Place.  We had some delicious cocktails and I tried she-crab soup – LOVE! 

Alexa (my sister), me, and Kristin.

After lunch, we decided to head downtown to see King Street, the Charleston City Market, and the waterfront.  We walked through the entire market which is full of small vendors selling their individual crafts and knick-knacks.  We didn’t buy anything, but it was all very fun to look at!

On Saturday night, we had dinner at the Noisy Oyster.  The food was delicious and the restaurant had a very fun atmosphere.  After dinner, we went out with a bunch of Kristin’s friends and spent our night at one of Charleston’s many rooftop bars!  Overall, a very fun (and exhausting) Saturday.

You know you had a fun night when you wake up to only one picture from the whole night 😉

Day Two (Sunday):

On Sunday we slept in again and then went to a free Bloody Mary brunch at my friend’s apartment complex.  The Bloody Mary’s were just what we needed to kick start our Sunday.  We took it very easy – we went out on her boyfriend’s boat on Shem Creek and into the harbor.  We went out to a small island and spent the day drinking some muscadine wine, relaxing in the sun, and fishing.  That night, Kristin and I watched a movie and passed out early.

The only picture from our boat trip Sunday.  Sometimes its nice to unplug!

Day Three (Monday):

On Monday, we woke up refreshed after a relaxing Sunday.  Kristin and I had a small bite for breakfast since we were planning on having an early lunch.  From her apartment, we drove around to a few more places I wanted to see while in Charleston:

Rainbow Row


Sullivan’s Island Beach


We then went to a small local restaurant, The Kitchen, where I got my new obsession – SHRIMP AND GRITS.  

Looking at this picture makes me want this meal all over again.  Grits ❤

The food was absolutely amazing, and satisfied my craving for one last meal of Southern food (I really have a weird obsession with grits – I love them!).  

Kristin had to work in the afternoon, so I spent the rest of Monday reading by her pool (rough life, right), packing, and eating my leftover grits for dinner.  I had a direct flight home on Jet Blue, which I spent drinking some Cabernet and watching The Ugly Truth.  Overall, the trip was amazing and I’d absolutely visit again!

Thank you so much Kristina, for writing about your trip! It makes me want to visit there even more now. Have any of you been to Charleston? Comment below! – Kate

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