A Weekend in Boston

After spending 4 years in Burlington, Vermont for college, I went straight to law school and I feel so fortunate to have been able to call Boston my home for those next three years. The time literally flew by and before I knew it, I was packing up my apartment and moving back home to New Jersey (temporarily). I love Boston though, so I try to visit at least once a year – so it helps that one of my best friends (Kristina) still lives there! She came to visit me in May, so now it was my turn to travel up to see her.

On Thursday, Kristina and I planned a very last minute trip for this past weekend! We got 2 tickets to see Luke Bryan!!, so I quickly booked a cheap bus ticket (thank you Megabus) and all of a sudden I had to think about what to pack that night! I left right after work the next day and headed up to Boston.

I love walking around the Commons in the summer. So pretty!

We had SUCH a good time at the Luke Bryan concert. Tailgating at Gillette is so much fun, even though we went there only knowing one person on our bus…everyone is so friendly! I didn’t get any pictures because I honestly was having too good of a time to remember to take out my phone! 😛

After getting back to Kristina’s apartment so late after the concert, we definitely needed a relaxing Sunday. We went to the pool near her office, which is located in the North End.

I’ve been reading Wild and it’s inspiring me to thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail!!

Kristina’s mom came down to Boston for the day on Sunday, so we hung out with her and it was honestly such a perfect day. We stopped at this little outdoor market that was going on and each bought a cool candle made by Liquor Wicks.

My candle is “Boston Tea Party” scented and in a Sam Adams beer bottle. How perfect!
We ended the weekend with a STUNNING sunset walk along the Charles River.



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