6 Hikes to do in New Jersey + New York

After reading about the SoCal Six Pack Challenge (six big mountains to hike in Southern California), I decided to create my own mini East Coast version. My dad and I went to REI this past weekend and I bought a pair of Salomon hiking boots and an Osprey backpack.

Now that I’m all set to go, here are 6 hikes that I plan on completing in the next year:

1. High Point State Park – Monument Trail 

∇ This is the highest point in New Jersey at 1,803 feet
∇ It’s easy to access and on the Appalachian Trail
∇ Views of the Pocono and Catskill Mountains + 3 different states
∇ 3 miles round trip; moderate hike
Hike it!

2. Breakneck Ridge 

∇ Begins at river level and ascends about 1,500 feet up a steep, rocky ridge
∇ Sweeping views of the Hudson Valley + Manhattan skyline (on clear days)
∇ 4-5 mile hike; strenuous – involves some scrambling over big rocks
Hike it!

3. Anthony’s Nose

∇ Rugged ridge on the Hudson Highlands near Cortlandt Manor
∇ 2.6 mile hike (or 4.3 miles if you start on the Camp Smith Trail)
Hike it!

4. Stairway to Heaven – Pochuck Valley to Pinwheel Vista

∇  Hike boardwalks, suspension bridge, and climb the stairway to one of the best view
points in NJ, the Pinwheel Vista – Kittatinny Mountains visible in the distance
∇  7.3 miles; moderate hike
∇  Hike it!

5. Mt. Tammany 

∇ Steep uphill to a fantastic overlook of the “Gap” – the break in the Kittatinny
Mountains that was carved by the Delaware River
∇ 3.5 miles; strenuous hike; 1,250 feet
∇  Hike it!

6. Great Swamp & Corbin Hill 

∇ Hike directly through the historic park with sweeping views of the Hudson River
∇  2.8 miles round trip; easy-moderate hike
∇  Hike it!

Hopefully I’ll be able to convince some of my friends to join me on this challenge 😉 and I will update this post when I’ve completed each of them! Comment below if you do any of these hikes.

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