4th of July Weekend

I hope everyone had a fantastic long weekend! I went down to Belmar, NJ to have a relaxing couple of days on the beach.

This was a typical breakfast for me – half of a watermelon and cold brew iced coffee with almond-coconut milk. Yum 🙂

I loved spending some time with my family’s dog…Toby! He’s a 4 year old mini-goldendoodle and he’s the sweetest dog ever. I took him on a nice long walk every day.

Toby loves cruising around the neighborhood.

In the mornings, I loved sitting outside for a bit, drinking my iced coffee and drafting some future blog posts ~~~ exciting things are being planned! 

My nice little set-up on the deck.

One of my new favorite beach treats is Playa Bowls! So refreshing (and filling!) in the middle of a hot, sunny day.

The Electric Mermaid (with peanut butter on top)!

And every night, we had great sunsets. So beautiful!



I always love spending time with my family, now that I’m living so close to them! What did you do this weekend? Let me know in a comment below!

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