Plan a Trip to Iceland

A few months ago, my best friend (Kristina) and I were dreaming up a warm, summery vacation while we were stuck in the midst of yet another brutal East Coast winter. After initially talking about beachy places like Bermuda or Saint Lucia, I saw there were cheap flights to Iceland and I jokingly asked, “Hey, what about Iceland?!” To my surprise, she was SO on board with the idea. A few days later, we booked our flights!

Have you checked out SkyScanner yet? Here’s why you should use it for your next trip…to Iceland!

Start with a search from your city.

I put in: From New York, NY…To “EVERYWHERE.” This will search for every single country and tell you where the cheapest flight will take you. If you don’t have specific dates to travel, leave the dates set as “Cheapest Month.”


Hit Search Flights and you’ll find a whole list of flights at crazy low prices.


If you click on a country, a drop-down list will show you different cities. Once you choose a city, you will see which month is cheapest to book flights right now.


Yes, you read that right. Only $251 for a ROUND-TRIP flight to Iceland in May 2017. Click “Show Flights” and you’ll find the different options for flights.


SO EASY, right??

Another option is to take a one-way flight to whichever country you’d like to visit (using Reykjavik as my example) and then search for flights from there to another country! Here’s a list of cheap flights from Reykjavik…


Then simply find a return flight from the next destination.

I hope this information helps you book your next trip!

Will you be traveling to Iceland any time soon? I’d love to hear about your plans!

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